Guide to Registration in the Free Zone Dubai Internet City

Guide to Registration in the Free Zone Dubai Internet City
14 March 2024

In this guide, we will thoroughly examine the process of registering a company in the Free Zone Dubai Internet City (DIC), providing clear instructions and necessary information for successfully completing this procedure.

Step 1: Document Preparation

Before commencing the registration process in DIC, the following documents must be prepared:

  • Copy of the founder's passport
  • Copy of the founder's visa
  • Company business plan
  • Application for company registration in DIC

Step 2: Application Submission

After preparing all necessary documents, the company founder must submit the registration application to DIC. This can be done online on the official DIC website or in person by visiting their office.

Step 3: License Acquisition

After submitting the application, DIC will conduct a review of the provided documents and, upon successful completion, issue a license for conducting business in the free zone.

Step 4: Corporate Account Opening

After obtaining the license, the company must open a corporate account in a bank, which is also located in DIC. To do this, the license and other necessary documents will be required.

Guide to Registration in the Free Zone Dubai Internet City

Advantages of Registering in the Free Zone Dubai Internet City

DIC, situated in the heart of Dubai, offers a unique infrastructure specially designed for companies operating in the field of information technology and internet communications. Here are several key advantages that make DIC an attractive choice:

Flexible Rules and Regulations

DIC provides a flexible and transparent business environment with minimal bureaucracy. This allows companies to register quickly and start their operations without spending much time on documentation and licensing.

Tax Incentives

Companies registered in DIC are exempt from profit and capital transfer taxes. This significantly reduces the tax burden and increases business profitability.

World-Class Infrastructure

DIC provides access to modern infrastructure, including high-speed internet, modern office spaces, and other necessary resources for successful business operations in the field of information technology.

Access to International Markets

DIC's location in the heart of Dubai provides companies with easy access to international markets and opportunities for international partnerships development.

How Vision Prime Can Assist You?

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  • Company Registration: Vision Prime offers company registration services in the Free Zone Dubai Internet City.
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Registering a company in the Free Zone Dubai Internet City is an excellent opportunity for business development in the region. By following our guide, you will be able to quickly and successfully complete this procedure and start operating in one of Dubai's most promising zones.